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The SpaceX Starship sits on the orbital launch mount ahead of its launch.


Lex Spatium    Aeternum

The American Space Law Society 

The American Space Law Society is a pioneering 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing space law. We bridge the gap between students, professionals, and experts, promoting understanding, development, and recognition in this dynamic field. Our mission centers on fostering collaboration and innovation, with a strong focus on empowering young minds and emerging professionals. Committed to shaping the future of space law, we provide a platform for the next generation of experts and leaders to thrive and contribute to the evolving landscape of space legislation and policy.

A crater on the Surface of Mars

Our Mission 


Knowledge Center

Radio Telescopes






As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the American Space Law Society is dedicated to advancing space law through education and advocacy. Our nonprofit status allows us to focus on creating meaningful impact, supported by donations from individuals who believe in our mission. Contributions are crucial for continuing our work, ensuring we can offer valuable resources and opportunities to those interested in the legal aspects of space exploration.

Empower the future of space law. Your support enables critical educational programs and global partnerships. Click here to contribute and help shape the next frontier.

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