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The Milky Way

The Knowledge Center

Welcome to the Knowledge Center of the American Space Law Society. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and easily accessible hub for the latest information, resources, and developments in the field of space law and policy. As a burgeoning area of legal practice, it is essential for our members and the broader community to stay informed and engaged. The Knowledge Center serves as a vital tool in our mission to advance space law and foster connections among students, professionals, and enthusiasts alike. Explore, learn, and stay updated with the ASLS Knowledge Center.

Entry Level

An Introduction to the Study of Space Law


This comprehensive guide provides a foundation for understanding the interdisciplinary nature of space law, the methods of study, and the diverse areas it encompasses. Learn how to navigate the complex world of space law by mastering essential research techniques and exploring the legal frameworks governing outer space activities. Start your journey towards becoming a space law expert and help shape the future of space exploration and utilization.

The Origins of Primary Space Law


Dive into the "Origins of Primary Space Law" to explore the historical context and key developments that led to the establishment of the fundamental legal principles governing activities in outer space. Discover the seminal events, like the launch of Sputnik, and the role of United Nations institutions, such as COPUOS, in shaping the legal landscape of space. Uncover the foundations of primary space law, from early resolutions and declarations to the Big Five treaties, and understand their lasting impact on the future of space activities.

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